Jeffrey R Kelly is horse dentist and a professional horseman. He has created equine DVD's titled: "The Better Horsemanship Series", "Equine Dentistry - Horse Dentistry", "Trailer Loading", and "Equine Sheath Cleaning". These DVDs would be an asset to any; horse owner, horse breeder, veterinarian, groom, horse dentist, horse trainer, 4 H groups, and equine dentists. These equine DVD's can be reviewed and purchased online.

My services include: horse dentistry, sheath cleaning, horse training, equine dentistry, horse training, and trailer loading. I sell horse videos on trailer loading, sheath cleaning, non-sedation horse tooth floating, and horse dentistry. I also have horses for sale including Connemara ponies / horses, thoroughbred horses, Quarter horses, appendix Quarter horses.

There are many interesting sections to this site. Please take a look around and enjoy! Please read my about me page to get to know me better and to see my accomplishments. If you have any questions and / or suggestions please contact me.

Sheath Cleaning 101

Equine Dentistry 101

Trailer Loading 101