Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Jeffrey R. Kelly my business profession is horse tooth & mouth care (horse dentistry). I’m a horse tooth technician and a member of IAED since 1998, and offer other horse related services as well. I have been a professional horseman for 35 plus years. You may have seen me at a barn, a rodeo, trade show, cattle sorting, team penning, horsemanship clinic, etc.

I have worked on horses mouths since 1987 when I started floating horse’s teeth professionally. I like people and I especially love the horses. My passion is to help people to care for their horses. If a horse’s mouth is in good shape they will be gentler, healthier and more responsive. The horse will be easier to train, quicker to learn and will be more pleasant to be around.

In horse tooth and mouth care as an equine dentist, we need to fix issues that may be going on for the horse in the mouth like; wolf teeth, sharp points on the molars, ramps, molar hooks, loose teeth, pre molar caps, etc. The horses teeth will need floating – rasping once to twice a year. By floating the horse’s teeth we are reducing the points on the molars which could cause sores and lactations on the cheeks and tongue which is very painful. Equine dentistry is very important to the horse’s health and well being. I have been doing equine dentistry in western Canada for 25 plus years.

I work on all horse breeds and sizes of horses from mini’s to the large horse 17 hands tall. A large amount of horse dentistry is having good tools and instruments like floats, rasps, power floats, motorized, a large horse full mouth speculum, a mini horse full mouth speculum and floats which I do. I use  hands floats 75 per cent of the time and motorized instrumentation when needed. Some equine dental problems that can be seen in horses are; parrot mouth, sow mouth, monkey mouth, over bite, under bite, etc.

I also care for horses sheaths. Sheath cleaning an often over looked, but critically important area for the hygiene of the horse. Equine sheath cleaning and bean removal; the bean can very painful for the horse. It causes slow, irregular urination, kidney pain over the horse’s hips, hind quarters, a swollen sheath and can cause major health issues and large vet bills.  After cleaning the sheath flushing this area of all the soap is very important as well. I have horse products that will make the job a lot easier for you and your horse which will saves you $$$.

Trailer loading horses is always challenging. How to load your horses into trailers is not an easy task if you have ever tried it yourself. You may run into trailer loading problems. Loading and unloading horses in step up trailers, trailer loading ramps can be challenging as well. These issues come up when we are moving horses, transporting horses, trailer loading problem horses, colt starting, etc.

I also haul horses  for people and help people train their horses. I have done this so long that I will help you side step unnecessary worry, any frustration for you and your horse.

I have developed a full series of DVD’s for people to purchase on better horsemanship. These DVDs are great gifts for that horse person that you care about.

I’m putting on better horsemanship clinics. As a professional horseman I have developed a lot of skills, tips and techniques over the last 25 plus years. Now, I‘m willing to pass these proven skills on to help and teach people how to be better at horsemanship. The clinic’s are on; horses teeth and dentistry, trailer loading, sheath cleaning, colt starting, horses health, strangles, and much more.

If you would like your horse’s mouth checked and looked at, or a horse’s sheath cleaned, or a horse to be trailer loaded, please, give me a call or email me. I would be more willing to help you.

Give a gift of a sheath cleaning, trailer loading that problem horse, a horse dentistry floating and mouth care, a better horsemanship DVD to that special person you know. They will never forget your gift. This will make that special person in your life very happy and the horse, too.
Please, check out the rest of my website. I have a lot of education ideas for you and more details about my services.
Until we meet – Happy Horsemanship, happy trails and enjoy your horse time! 

Take care.

Jeffrey R. Kelly