Available Clinics

If you are interested in learning about quiet and natural horsemanship, I offer private or group clinics on the following:

  • General Horsemanship
  •  Colt Starting
  •  Trailer Loading
  •  Troubled Horses
  •  Basic Dental Knowledge
  •  Hauling Skills
  • Bandaging legs and hoof care
  •  Learning to exercise a thoroughbred racehorses
  •  Learning how to handle a thoroughbred at a starting gate
  •  Consulting - business, ranch, farm and horse

Horse Trailering Clinic with JR Kelly - Article by Carolyn McDonald

The clinic almost got cancelled. Jeff's truck broke and the weather two days before the clinic was horrendous. But, Jeff borrowed his girlfriend's truck and trailer (thank-you girlfriend), the rain stopped and the sun came out to make for a great day. Fifteen members and two off island horse people attended. Jeff worked with four horses. With lots of repetition and special handling it took Burgess's "Chex" 1/2 hour to get him in the trailer.

Booiman's "Larry" walked in okay but Jeff's concern with him was that Larry wasn't focused on what he was doing and was holding tension inside. Ross's "Jake" had a difficult time getting in and then just flew out the other side door. Jeff worked with him exiting the trailer. "Patches" and David Pearce walked in and out and in and out and in and out!!! Jeff worked with all the horses and owners, not only with trailering but with relaxing horses and some behaviour problems. It was a great clinic!!