Equine Sheath Cleaning and Bean Removal

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Who Is Jeffrey R. Kelly?

Jeff Kelly has more than 35 years involvement and experience in the horse industry. His equine career includes professional horse hauling, thoroughbred exercise and pony rider, starting gate handling, horse training and over 25 years and a professional equine dentist.

On my sheath cleaning DVD , my private lessons and at my sheath cleaning clinic ‘s you will learn very important tips; How to save from $ 65.00 to $ 175.00 per sheath cleaning. This is what an average professional sheath cleaning costs per visit.

Geldings and stallions should have their sheaths cleaned once or twice each year. Sheath Cleaning is essential to geldings and stallions for their well-being and good health. If a gelding or stallion has a dirty sheath or a "bean" in his penis, these are just a few signs. He may exhibit some or all of the following signs due to discomfort:

  • kick’s at his belly
  • He rubs his tail against the wall often
  • He holds a leg up while urinating
  • He display soreness in the hindquarters
  • Urine color is darker than normal
  • Urine is thicker than normal
  • he stretch’s and  stretch’s before urination
  • he moves funny or differently in the hind quarters

If your horse has a dirty sheath, you may also note an unpleasant odor around your horses hind quarters - the smell of a dirty sheath is very, very strong .A dirty sheath can prevent a gelding or stallion from moving freely and reaching his full potential in whatever discipline he participates in, whether it be racing, dressage, reining, working cow horse, trail riding, or every day use.

I will share some tips, observations and knowledge I have gathered from my experiences in the past 25 plus years cleaning the sheaths of male horses. And as examples I will answer the following questions and many more for you.

Actual Bean Removed From a Horse

  1. How to be calm & assertive – around your horse
  2. The importance of wearing rubber gloves!  How to protect you and your horse. And why?
  3. Use of  proper and adequate lubrication
  4. What to use as cleaners, soaps, etc.
  5. What causes and / or can lead to an infection in this area.
  6. Symptoms that can signal an infection.
  7. How important safety is around a horse
  8. What about sedation?
  9. When do I need a veterinarian?  And why?
  10. Techniques and  special  sheath cleaning soaps , and equipment that will make the job easier and more  effect
  11. What are melanomas?
  12. Can horses get cancer in this area?
  13. What restrains you may be able to use and how and why.
  14. What is smegma? Where is it located?
  15. What does smegma feel like? What effects does it have on horse?
  16. How to effectively clean this sensitive area of male horses without requiring the horse to drop and how to do it safely.
  17. How to stay calm, be patient and be gentle. This can be a very dangerous under taking so it is advised to take precautions and always have someone around to assist you. 
  18. Be as safe as possible. If you are not comfortable doing this cleaning yourself, always find a professional cleaner. It will be better for you and for your horse. How to know who to hire!
  19. What is a Bean?    Where is the bean located? Why is it called a bean? How large can a bean or beans be?
  20. What is the urethra?
  21. Can a bean - cause serious pain to a gelding or stallion.
  22. Can this make the horse take longer  to urinate?
  23. Can foreign matter be hidden in this area as well?
  24. Bean Removal – how to do this without hurting the horse and prevent injury or pain to the horse.
  25. Once the bean has been extracted how I ensure that all soap residues are removed following the procedure.
  26. Can horses swell up in this area and why? What does it look like.
  27. Sheath Cleaning Supplies:  I will show, teach and demonstrate to you what I recommended for cleaning products and supplies.

The Better Horsemanship DVD series is designed specially to educate people of ages. They are very user friendly. These DVD‘s make great gifts for each and every horse woman and horseman. These DVDS are being used by 4H, clubs, instructors, coaches, farm managers, horse haulers, owners, trainers to create greater awareness in our equine industry.